The Zheng He is one of the Chinese twains that was sent on the East Twenty Million mission along with the Liu Yang.[1]

The technology needed for it was developed by Chinese engeneering companies and the Black Corporation. At it's peak speed it could travel at fifty worlds per second.[2]


The Zheng He has a silvery flexible hull adorned with the clasped-hands symbol of the Federated Republic of China.[1]

The Long War

The Zheng He started its journey East on spring 2040 from Datum Henan, China.[1]

On July 6, 2040 the two airships finally reached Earth East 20,000,000 where they built a stone cairn before heading back.[3]

The Long Mars

The Zheng He is seen again around November 2040 meeting up with the USS Benjamin Franklin to discuss the carrying of vote ballots for the upcoming US presidential elections.

After a discussion with Maggie Kauffman, it was agreed that a small contingency of the Franklin's crew will escort the Zheng He during the elections and that some crewmembers of the Zheng He will be aboard the USS Neil A. Armstrong II during its journey west.[4]

Notable crew members

Chen Zhong - Captain
Wu Yue-Sai
Bill Feng

Notable passengers

Jacques Montecute
Roberta Golding


The Zheng He was named after a 14th century Chinese explorer.


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