“One always wonder what one misses, simply through not having time enough to see. So many worlds, so many wonders.”
   — Wu Yue-Sai

Wu Yue-Sai (born in 2015) is a Lieutenant in the Federal Army of China and is attached to Chinese National Space Administration. She travelled on the Zheng He to Earth East 20,000,000 and on the USS Neil A. Armstrong II to Earth West 250,000,000.[1][2]

Described as a bright woman, she aspires to become an astronaut.


She is described as being dark haired and sensible looking rather than attractive.[1]

The Long War

In 2040, Yue-Sai is part of the Zheng He crew as they embarked on the East Twenty Million mission.

She is assigned as an informal companion to Roberta Golding, part of the expedition as a gesture of good faith between the Datum US government and the new Federated Republic of China.[1][3]

Together, when it was deemed safe, they explored Earth East 2,201,749, home of the crest-roos, Earth East 8,616,289, home of a tortoise civilization, and Earth East 20,000,000, their expedition's target.[4][5][6]

The Long Mars

In November 2040, she accompanied Chen Zhong, the captain of the Zheng He, when they boarded the USS Benjamin Franklin to discuss of their role in the upcoming US Presidential elections.[7].

In 2045, she is still a Lieutenant and is part of the Chinese military personnel who were chosen to travel on the USS Neil A. Armstrong II on its way to Earth West 250,000,000.[8]

Aboard the Armstrong II, she served as an interface in Harry Ryan's engine room after he expressed his annoyance about Bill Feng to Maggie Kauffman, the captain of the Armstrong.[9] As a representant of the Chinese military, she took part in different expeditions in the various Earths they encountered on their way like Earth West 1,617,524 and Earth West 182,674,101.[10][11]

When the Armstrong crew stopped at Earth West 239,471,211 to drop Douglas Black and Phillip, Wu was among the people thinking about staying.[12] It is unknown if she decided to stay or not.


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