Hi there!

In order to give a stronger identity to the wikia, I've uploaded a custom woodmark. I first wanted to d

The current woodmark.

o an image with a twain and several Earths but then my mind drifted to stepping and how you can be one second in a heavy populated area and find yourself in a raw forest the next. I've tried to encapsulate this feeling in the woodmark I've created.

Also created a poll on the main page so people can leave their advice but, since it's a poll, you're stuck with the pre-defined option so not really flexible if someone wants to make a suggestion.
So that's why I'm gonna create a Forum topic about it so people will be able to discuss on the woodmark.

PS : As an admin, I can upload an icon as well so will probably work on that next.

EDIT - 15/09/2015

Blog post is right here :


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