The USS Neil A. Armstrong II is one of the two US Navy twains sent on the West Quarter Billion mission to Earth West 250,000,000, the other being the USS Eugene A. Cernan.

Their job was travel across the Long Earth and map, log and study it, as well as "plant the flag," as President Cowley put it. Another objective of the mission was to possibly find the lost USS Neil A. Armstrong I.[1]


The Armstrong II and the Cernan hold the record of the largest flying machine ever constructed.[1] Their length is around a thousand feet from stem to stern and their hull have massive tail planes mounted with compact jet engines.[1] Its envelope is emblazoned with the Stars and Stripes and its undersides are armoured with Kevlar and filled with observation decks, sensors and weapons.[2][3]

Unlike the old designs, the crew compartment, still called 'gondola' by the crew, is inside the lift envelope and not suspended below the ship's body for streamlining reason. It has enough space to accomodate ninety crew and passengers and goes from the Captain's cabin, in the prow, to the wheelhouse. It has two decks, the upper one containing all the crew quarters and facilities and the lower one containing stores and life-support gear.[2]

Technical aspects

If there is one thing that the early expeditions into the Long Earth taught humanity (like the Journey back in 2030), it's that you can't rely on every Earth to have Datum-like conditions. Therefore, the Armstrongs gondola is built to endure extremes of temperature and pressure and can sustain its crew on recycled air and water for extended periods of time.[2]

Thanks to the Chinese advanced stepper technology it's equipped with, the Armstrong can cross fifteen million worlds in a week at its nominal speed.[4]

The Long War

In 2040, when the twains of Operation Prodigal Son joined up to prepare their march on Valhalla, Admiral Hiram Davidson, impressed by Maggie Kauffman behaviour and the way she handled the situation at New Purity, was offered the command of the new semi-secret Armstrong II.[5]

The Long Mars

The Armstrong II and the Cernan were launched on January 2045 from Capitol Square, Madison West 5, the new capital city of the US government.[1]

FloodedEarth Colored

The USS Neil A. Armstrong and the USS Eugene A. Cernan flying side by side over a Joker - Concept art by DSonla

On their way they retrieved the lost Armstrong I crew, discovered new Gaps and sampled and studied new lifeforms.

It took them less than five months to reach their destination on May 24th, 2045.[6]

They came back to Datum Earth at the end of August and were sent back to Happy Landings to deal with the Next threat.[7][3]

The Long Utopia

In 2058, Sally Linsay used the catalogue compiled by the Armstrong II to find the homeworld of the traversers, Earth West 174,827,918.[8]

Notable crew members

Maggie Kauffman - Captain
Nathan Boss - Executive Officer (XO)
Joe Mackenzie - Chief Medical Officer
Harry Ryan - Chief Engineer
Gerry Hemingway
Margarita Jha
Jenny Reilly - Quartermaster
Wu Yue-Sai
Bill Feng

Notable passengers

Douglas Black


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