The USS Neil A. Armstrong I was an experimental military twain dispatched in the remote West Earths for an exploratory mission.[1]

The Long War

The Armstrong I was launched around 2040, before the twains of Operation Prodigal Son.[1]

It was reported missing across the outernet around June 2040.[2]

The Long Mars

In January 2045, the USS Neil A. Armstrong II and the USS Eugene A. Cernan were launched from Madison West 5 for their exploration mission to Earth West 250,000,000. One of their side mission was to find the lost crew of the Armstrong I.[3]

In May 2045, during the fourth month of their expedition, they found the crash site of the Armstrong I on Earth West 182,674,101 along with a group of survivors comprised of David, Anne Spencer, Michael Spencer, Rachel Spencer and Rosalind Spencer.[4][5]

Notable crew members

Stringer - Captain
Sam Allen


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