The USS Brian Cowley was the twain that was named after Brian Cowley, a former President of the United States.[1]


The Cowley had a thousand foot lift long envelope with observation galleries all around the equator and huge ceramic plates on its underbelly with weapon pods and spy-hole observation ports.[1][2]

Like the USS Neil A. Armstrong II, the 'gondola' was inside the envelope.[2]

Technical aspects

After the Yellowstone eruption of 2040, the Cowley, like all Navy twains, had engines equipped with ash filters.[2]

The Long Utopia

In 2058, Lobsang, living at New Springfield on Earth West 1,217,756 under the identity of George Abrahams, called the Navy to investigate the shortening of the days, reduced at that time to twenty hours, on this particular world and the silver beetles.[1]

The USS Brian Cowley was sent with a team of scientists to study the phenomenon but failed to determine what was happening. During the meeting, Lobsang, giving up his normal life, stepped up and told them that the silver beetles were creating a Dyson motor.

In January 2059, Captain Nathan Boss decided to take a selected group of passengers for a tour of the world to assess the damages made by the beetles.[2] The Irwins were choosen to represent the locals and Marvin Lovelace and Stella Welch were there on behalf of the Next.

After the militaries took them to one of the viaduct that the silver beetles had built and told them weapons and even nukes couldn't stop them, they all realized that this world was doomed.[3] Stella Welch told them that the threat of the beetles spreading to other Earths was real and that Earth West 1,217,756 had to be sealed off from the inside.

The sealing of this world, named the Cauterizing by the militaries, had to be done by young Stan Berg, the most powerful Next there was, helped with Sally Linsay and Lobsang.[4]

As the day was now reduced to eight hours and the locals long gone someplace else to find a new home, the ship's crew launched observation satellites into orbit to have a global view of the world and let the remaining civilians say their goodbyes to those who would give their lives to save the Long Earth. The Cowley then stepped away, leaving only Stan, Sally and Lobsang behind.[5]

Notable crew members

Nathan Boss - Captain
Margarita Jha - Chief Science Officer
Jennifer Wang
Ken Bowring

Notable passengers

Marina Irwin
Oliver Irwin
Sally Linsay
Marvin Lovelace
Sister Agnes
Joshua Valienté
Stella Welch


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