The USS Benjamin Franklin is a military twain of the United States Navy's LONGCOM. It was originally captained by Maggie Kauffman, having been built by a collaboration including the Twain Design Division of the Black Corporation, General Electric and the Long Earth Trading Company.[1]


The Benjamin Franklin is described as being the same size as the Hindenburg.[2]

The Long War

In April 2040, the Benjamin Franklin was among the six twains who took part in the Operation Prodigal Son.[1]

In June-July 2040, it took part in the march on Valhalla's city hall by the militaries.[3]

The Long Mars

We learn from Maggie Kauffman that, in the early years after the Yellowstone eruption, the Franklin was assigned to refugees relocation missions in the Low Earths.[4][5]

Notable crew members

Maggie Kauffman - Captain
Joe Mackenzie - Chief surgeon
Nathan Boss - Executive officer
Gerry Hemingway
Margarita Jha
Jason Santorini - Midshipman
Harry Ryan - Chief engineer
Toby Fox - Ensign
Sam Allen
Jennifer Wang
Mike McKibben
Carl - Acting Ensign

Notable passengers



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