“She imagined Harry Ryan beating that kind of verbal skill into the head of a boy who must once have suffered from the hypervolubility of the typical nerd.”
   — Maggie Kauffman on Toby Fox

Ensign Toby Fox was a crew member of the USS Benjamin Franklin, who worked in engineering.[1]

According to his personal file, he has a really high IQ.[2]


Toby is described as small, being the IT nerd type and being nervous.[1]

The Long War


In 2040, he was tasked with making a census of the Long Earth, and so was present during the twain's assignment in the town of Reboot, on Earth West 101,754.[1]

Once there, the small group, led by Nathan Boss the Franklin's XO, realized that their equipment was dropped on Earth West 101,752 and had no way to know where the town was or even catch up with the Franklin since none of them brought their Stepper with them. Luckily, they ran into Bill Lovell in the forest and finally reached Reboot.

While they were there Lieutenant Sam Allen asked an inhabitant of the town, Jack Green, to rent out a room in his house to Toby would need somewhere to stay while gathering his data.[3] Jack Green refused to accept their money, arguing that they use favours in Reboot and expressing his despise of the Datum government. Allen, furious, attemped to arrest him but was stopped by Nathan Boss.


After their stop at the town of Cracked Rock, Maggie Kauffman, the Franklin's Captain, realized that a lot of people across the Long Earth knew about her and her mission.[2]

She then summoned Toby, after asking Harry Ryan the chief engineer who was the nerdiest geek in his department, and asked him how often they ran security checks. He replied that they did it almost all the time but use Black Corporation software for that, confirming her suspicions of being monitored by the Black Corporation.


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