Doctor Tilda Lang Green is a lecturer in cultural history and was one of the founders of Reboot.[1][2]


Little is known about her appearance except that she has strawberry-blonde hair and wore them short.[1]

The Long Earth

Not long after Step Day, a lot of families from Datum Earth looked for extra property on the Low Earths.[1] The Greens rented a small cabin in Madison West 2 but soon found it too close to home. Having a phobic son, they left him to stay with Tilda's sister.

They eventually heard about a project to develop Madison West 5 from a clean slate and invested a bit of their money in it. Alas, since they didn't make a lot of money there, they had to go back, taking turns, on the Datum to earn money doing their regular jobs.

Soon enough, Tilda felt she wanted more, she wanted her own dream instead of living someone else's dream. This is how the Greens, under Tilda's impulse, decided to leave everything behind (their son Rod included) to journey West across the Long Earth. They eventually settled down in Earth West 101,754 where, along with around a hundred more people, they founded Reboot.[2]

She died of a cancer not long after the foundation of Reboot, between 2028 and 2030, without her son knowing.[3]

The Long War

In 2028, Tilda is already ill in bed and doesn't talk with Jack. In the same year, they got the letter from the US government saying that all their savings on the Datum were impounded.[3]

Three months later, her daughter Katie got married with Harry Bergreen. They wanted to wait for the following year but brought forward their wedding to make sure Tilda was still there to attend it.

Around two months after the wedding, Tilda finally died of her tumor. There is now a grave, a stone by the river, placed on a spot she loved.


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