“Welcome to Earth West One Million, Four Hundred Thousand. Well, officially it's one point four million plus thirteen, since our founding fathers were stoned when they first got here and lost count, but we like to round it down for the TV ads...”
   — Thomas Kyangu on Valhalla

Thomas Kyangu (born in 1990) was an old friend of Joshua Valienté. The two of them met in the High Meggers while they were both on sabbatical (although Thomas called it "going walkabout").[1]

He grew up in Melbourne, Australia and had a thick accent. His mother was Martu and his father European. He went to college in Perth and spent some time in America, before moving to Melbourne and marrying a woman called Hannah, who died of cancer when she was only twenty-three.[2]

He had discovered a cave painting in Datum Jigalong when he was a boy, during one visit to his grandparents. After Step Day, he returned to the site and stepped to Jigalong West 10. Here, there was another cave painting, similar to the one on Datum Earth. He deducted that it must have been put there by an Aboriginal natural stepper, thousands of years ago.[2]

After Step Day he became a comber and lived in Valhalla - he had a part in the concept design of the city. He was interested in the question of how human civilisation would be shaped by the Long Earth, and so wrote a book about the combers and traveled the worlds to give talks about the subject.[3]


He is described as being around fifty, having long black hair pinned back in a ponytail and a dark, reasonably handsome face.[3]

The Long War

In 2040, when Joshua went to Valhalla with his family to look for a school for his son Dan on their way to Datum Earth, he asked Thomas to help them out.

He met up with the Valienté family and Bill Chambers when they arrived in Valhalla, booked them rooms in the Healed Drum and drove them around town in his electric-engine buggy.[3]

In September 8th, 2040 is was also at Lobsang and Agnes's garden party on Madison West 11, getting drunk with Bill Chambers.[4]


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