The West Quarter Billion mission was an US expedition to Earth West 250,000,000, that took place in 2045. The USS Eugene A. Cernan and the USS Neil A. Armstrong II, commanded by Maggie Kauffman, were the two twains that took part in the mission.

FloodedEarth Colored

Rendition of the USS Eugene A. Cernan and the USS Neil A. Armstrong II travelling through a Joker by DSonla

Their job was travel across the Long Earth and map, log and study it, as well as "plant the flag," as President Cowley put it. Another objective of the mission was to possibly find the lost USS Neil A. Armstrong I.

They left Madison West 5 in January. They passed Earth west 1,000,000 after 10 days of travelling, and Earth West 1,617,524 after 16. At the end of febuary they had passed Earth West 30,000,000 and Earth West 100,000,000 was reached during April. During May, they passed Earth West 170,000,000 and on May 24 they reached their target of Earth West 250,000,000.

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