I started on this the day after my last post, but Chapter Four is a very long and difficult chapter and I haven't had the time or motivation to finish it. So here it is - Chapter Four Part One.

Chapter Four (Part One). Quicker, easier and more entertaining to read.

Chapter Four (Part One)

It had all started even earlier for MPD Officer Monica Jansson, when she had abandoned her important duties of law and order and peacekeeping to take another snoop around Willis Linsay’s house. 

While drink-drivers crashed into lampposts and three lives were taken by domestic violence because the police were short-staffed, Monica was having a fun time looking at a burned-out house that had already been thoroughly investigated. She could give her shift a skip, right? 

Anyway, Monica was snooping around the house when she found a small, polished box

As Willis Linsay was the sort of guy who horded junk, had sexual relationships with goats and set houses on fire, Officer Jansson felt strangely compelled to mess with Willis’ little box, which looked extremely like something that should be strapped to a suicide belt.

Don’t worry, it turns out later that Jansson is not insane and actually quite intelligent.

To Be Continued... (That wasn't a cliffhanger at all, but this will be continued. How short was that???)

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