Chapter Five. Quicker, easier and more entertaining to read.


Madison, 2015​:

But when Jansson found Joshua, and discovered he had dark skin, she did what every other white police offer in the United States would’ve done. 

She shot the kid.

Chapter Five

England, 2011:

Terry Pratchett was opening his emails.

"Oh, one from Stephen. That'll be Chapter Four."

And so, Terry read the chapter.

Jansson contemplates flicking switch.


Jansson continues to contemplate flicking switch.


Jansson further contemplates flicking switch.

"Is this whole chapter going to be about-"

Jansson flicks switch.

"Oh, that's good."



More poo.


Jansson getting high on air.

"Oh, that's better."

Jansson kills Joshua.


Terry stared at his computer screen in amazement. Had his co-writer really just killed the main character? In Chapter Four?

"This is ridiculous! If I'd written that chapter, our main character would still be alive! And I probably would've put an intentionally blatent Lord of the Rings reference in there too."

So, Terry got to work on Chapter Five. His chapter.

"Wakey, wakey, Joshua!"

Joshua snapped back into reality.

"Remember me from earlier in the book? I'm the jealous one."

"Oh, yes. Hello, Selena. Your hair looks nice today."

"I want to push you down those stairs!"

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