Chapter Four (Part Two). Quicker, easier and more entertaining to read.

Chapter Four (Part Two)

Jansson had a dilemma.

Despite Willis Linsay's 'parting shot' being an Alice in Wonderland reference, the man did seem quite dangerous.

The note, stuck to the box, read 'TRY ME'. And not one of the people who had originally investigated the house had done so. 

This seemed impossible to Jansson. Surely one of them must've tried it, she thought. So what had happened to them?

She reached out, slowly, and put her finger on the switch. The box couldn't do anything, could it? She would probably flick the switch, and nothing would happen. She'd still be standing there. And probably laughing.

So, Jansson flicked the switch.


Jansson now found herself in a world completely different to the one she had just departed.


The air was fresh and clean, the surroundings were silent... A whole new world. A scientific phenomen-


After being transported to another world, the only thing Jansson was thinking about now was how much she couldn't believe what she'd just said.

But, after deciding that 'oh my god' had changed into an expression of exclamation and no longer had anything to do with religion, Jansson set about clueing for looks.

The beautifully clean air started smelling bad now. Why was that? 

Oh, that would be the poo I'm standing in, she thought. Whoops.

But who had done that poo? Jansson looked around, but could not see any suspects. She hadn't done the poo. She would remember doing it. So who had?

On an entirely empty and deserted world, Jansson found herself thinking:

Who did the poo?

Now that is a cliffhanger! Next part coming soon...

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