Chapters 16, 17, 18 and 19. Based on the novel 'The Long Earth' by Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter.

Chapter 16

Excerpts from the journal of Helen Greenresceptfully repectfully spellchecked by Dad aka Mr. J. Green:

Oh no.

We are going to start out from Richmond West 10, that's Richmond Virgina Virginia-


You could see all types of people on the Datum, from hipster nerds to Pocahontas cosplayers.

You could also see Helen shrieking with delight as she flew further and further away from her abandoned brother. How lovely.

Woah, is that a confederate flag?

Chapter 17

"Hey, dude. Wanna join our trek?"

"Sure. Woah, is that a confederate flag?"

Chapter 18

Helen is really enjoying the trek. She's seen lots of interesting things, and - magically - she no longer makes any spelling mistakes in her journal entries. How convenient. But I am glad that shit is over now. Thuck you?

Really would've been nice (and a lot less painful) if there'd been no crossing-out in the first place. Woah, is that a confederate flag?

Chapter 19

Joshua pondered the question for a few minutes, before asking Lobsang:

"Lobsang, are you you?"

Lobsang smiled, probably quite smugly. "Yes, I am me."

"But are you Lobsang?"

"Lobsang is me and I am Lobsang."

"Are you sure you're Lobsang? Because actually Lobsang is still on the Datum."

"And yet I am here. Abstractly, I am with you. Theoretically, I am not. Hypothetically, I would be on the Datum. Conceivably, I am here. What is space, but a plaything of time? What is time, but a-"

"Yes, Lobsang, I get it. Woah, is that a confederate flag?"

(Chapter 19 will might be continued in Part Twelve.)

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