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Chapters 7, 8 and 9. Critical. Cynical. Satirical.

Chapter 7

Sally stepped.

Chapter 8

Joshua likes Robinson Crusoe.

Chapter 9

Jansson arrived for her meeting with Clichy.

Cliché Clichy waved at her. "Noun, noun."

"Are you alright, sir?" Monica asked. "You seem to be leaving out verbs."

"Of course, I was in character. That's how Americans speak, isn't it? Spiffing day, what." Clichy said in his natural English accent.

Monica cleared her throat.

Clichy's eyed widened. "Hell, I don't even know how to speak American properly!" he said, in a perfect American accent. "Hm."

"What did you call me for, sir?"

"Hell, I just set up this meeting so we can expose important background information to the readers. Do you think starting every sentence with "Hell," makes me sound more American?"

"Certainly, sir. You could also mention you're from Brooklyn."

"How many times?"

Monica shrugged. "Twenty, thirty times?"

"Look Jansson, I need you for a mission. Do you have a cat to abandon?"

"I have a cat to abandon."

"Good, abandon that cat."

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