“A self-electing elite of the nerdosphere - and very useful, he'd found, if directed to a task.”
   — Nelson Azikiwe on the Quizmasters

The Quizmasters are an online group of bright people who gathers in a chat room that you can only access with an invitation.[1]

The invitation itself being a series of difficult quizzes that require knowledge in a vast number of fields.

It took Nelson Azikiwe seven days to solve all the quizzes and finally join the chat room.[1]

The Long War

In 2040, Nelson asked the help of the Quizmasters in his search for Lobsang.[2]

The Long Mars

In May 2045, when the Next got rounded up and sent to the USLONGCOM Hawaiian facility, they forged credentials for Nelson so he would be able to infiltrate the complex as a chaplain for the inmates.[3]


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