The Poulson house - also called the old Poulson place and other variations - is the house in New Springfield that Cassie and Jeb Poulson built and lived in. Later, after the Poulsons left the settlement, it was used by the new inhabitants as a swap house.[1][2][3][4]

In 2036, it was almost ready to have it's permanent roof put on.[1]

In 2052, it was part of the abandoned township and was being used as a swap house by the residents of the area. They put things here that they no longer used, the theory being that somebody else would come and take it.

There was a store of bits of wire and relays and coil formers, broken electronic goods from the Datum, and many clothes, especially children’s.[2]

The Poulson house was located on the far side of the hill Lobsang and Agnes lived on. It was supossedly haunted.[3][2]


Nearby to the house there were fields as well as a hole that had been dug to make a sandpit. It had had a porch.[1]

By 2052, the windows were slowly being covered by green film.

One main room dominated much of the house. It contained a big table, as well as a hearth under a half-finished chimney stack. The floor was covered in rugs.[2]

Next to the house was a cellar. A passage that lead off it went to an underground cave.[4]

The Long Utopia

In 2036 Cassie Poulson decided to dig a cellar next to the house. In the process of doing so, she discovered a Silver beetle. She didn't tell anybody about the encounter.[1]

In 2052, Nikos Irwin was sent to the old Poulson place to find some shoes for the baby Angie Clayton was pregnant with. He and his dog Rio rediscovered Cassie's cellar and the Silver beetles.[2][4]

Nikos shared his discovery with his friends, and so the children of New Springfield often came here.[3]


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