The Long Earth series is a science-fiction book series written by British authors Stephen Baxter and Terry Pratchett. It comprises of five books that were published yearly from 2012 to 2016.

The series, set mainly in the near future, deals with the effects of humanity's sudden discovery of the Long Earth, a chain of alternate versions of the planet Earth.

The books follow the lives of a number of characters, in particular Joshua Valienté.


The following is a list of the five novels in the The Long Earth Series.

  1. The Long Earth (release: June 2012)
  2. The Long War (release: June 2013)
  3. The Long Mars (release: June 2014)
  4. The Long Utopia (release: June 2015)
  5. The Long Cosmos (release: June 2016)


The basis for the series was Terry Pratchett's 1986 short story entitled The High Meggas.

It was written while his first Discworld book, The Colour of Magic, was undergoing publication, and was intended as a potential starting point for another novel. The Colour of Magic, however, was very successful, causing him to put the story aside in favour of writing a sequel to that.

The idea resurfaced in the late 2000s and was developed into The Long Earth series, which Pratchett co-wrote with Stephen Baxter.[1][2]


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