“But if he had grown up among the Next, he would have been learning with others like himself - and in our community, the Grange, we adult learn from the children in their discovery of the world.”
   — Roberta Golding

The Grange was a stretch of the Long Earth that was uninhabited and serves as a kind of reservation where the Next can be between themselves and left in peace after the human militaries considered bombing the town of Happy Landings.[1]

Only accessible through soft places and located at the same lattitude as Valhalla and Datum Chicago, only the Next know exactly where the Grange was.[2]


The Grange was comprised of several townships scattered across a plain, next to a river.[2] Each township was made of a dozen of houses made of wood, mud brick and prefabricated ceramic panels.

Being built by Next, the townships had no town halls, churches, mosques, synagogues or temples.

The Long Mars

It was claimed around summer 2045 by the Next after they escaped from the USLONGCOM holding facility on Datum Earth (with the help of Joshua Valienté and Sally Linsay) and ran away from Happy Landings when the US Navy threated to nuke the town.[3][1]

The Long Utopia

A dozen years after the events of 2045, the Next were still in small numbers but lived happily between themselves at the Grange.[2] While some of them decided to go back to the Low Earths to watch over humanity like the Arbiters or to try to find potential Next like Marvin Lovelace, they all still lived at the Grange.

The Next not being aroused easily like humans, it wasn't unusual to find groups of people walking by with a lot of flesh showing.


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