The Gallery was a large underground mine beneath New Springfield on Earth West 1,217,756. It could be entered by travelling down a shaft that led off the cellar next to the Poulson house.

It was possible to step North from the Gallery into the Planetarium.[1]

It was named "the Gallery" by Nikos Irwin because it reminded him of a gallery in a picture book that his mom read to him as a child.[2]


The floor was smooth and about ten feet from the roof, which was supported by pillars. From the place where the passage entered the Gallery you couldn’t see any of the other walls - the light from torches didn’t reach that far.[1]

The Long Utopia


Rendition of Nikos discovering the cellar hole behind the old Poulson house by DSonla.

The Gallery was first discovered in 2052 by Nikos Irwin and his dog Rio, who had been sent to the Poulson house to find some shoes for the baby Angie Clayton was pregnant with.[1]


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