“You're talking about cross-breeding our children, aren't you? The way a man breeds his horses.”
   — Fraser Burdon on Oswald Hackett's scheme

The Fund was an organisation set up by Oswald Hackett, Fraser Burdon and Luis Valienté in the late 19th century, to increase the population of natural steppers.[1]

The people who ran it had a list of names of people who were part of a family that was known for having natural steppers, and so therefore had a higher chance of bearing children who would be natural steppers. When the Fund was first created the family names on this list were Blakeney, Burdon, Hackett, Orgill, Tallis, Tallyman and Valienté.

The idea was that a man and a woman who were both on the list would be sent a message from the Fund, telling them that if they have a son or daughter together, then they will be given a large amount of money. The resulting child would have a very high chance of being a natural stepper.

It was very successful, and the amount of natural steppers in the human population increased very rapidly after it was created.


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