“This city name for our goddess, who is Hunter-rrh. We believe she is the Mother of Mothers. Her pack the Pack of Packs.”
   — Brian

The Eye of the Hunter, name translated in human languages, is a beagle city on Earth West 1,617,524, located on the East coast of the equivalent of North America.[1]

The city was named after their goddess who is considered the Mother of Mothers.[2]


A belt of farmland surrounds the city. Animals that look like fat deers can be seen grazing in the fields separated by dry stone walls.[3]

The city itself is described as a brownish smear of wooden buildings in a muddy plain. All the beagle adults walk upright and only the young go down on all fours.[4]

The central development us surrounded by a wide moat spanned by bridges of wood and stone.

Most of the buildings are a couple of storeys high and are unadorned, like wooden boxes of irregular shapes with walls of stone or packed mud.

The Long War

Around June 2040, Sally Linsay and Monica Jansson, travelling with Mary and Ham, were looking for the missing trolls and ended up on Earth West 1,617,498, following a lead Sally got from a kobold. There they encountered Snowy and Finn McCool who captured them.[5]

They were brought to the Eye of the Hunter as a gift from Snowy to Petra, the ruler of the Den.[1]

The Long Mars

In 2045, when Captain Maggie Kauffman came to pick up Snowy, who volunteered to travel aboard the USS Neil A. Armstrong II, its a war-devastated city we find, with smoking ruins, children begging in the streets and blackened scars on the ground.[6]


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