Location of Xiangcheng.

The East Twenty Million mission
was a Chinese expedition to Earth East 20,000,000, taken by the twains Zheng He and Liu Yang. It was launched from Datum Xiangcheng, Henan province. The project was run by the China National Space Administration.[1]

Chen Zhong was the captain of the Zheng He, and Wu Yue-Sai and Bill Feng were both crew members.

Roberta Golding and Jacques Montecute also both took part in the mission as a gesture of good faith between the Datum US government and the new Federated Republic of China.[2]

During their journey, they discovered, among many other things, another Gap on Earth East 2,217,643 [3] and a tortoise civilization on Earth East 8,616,289.[4]

The target world of Earth East 20,000,000 was reached by the twains on July 6, 2040. There, they built a stone cairn with a plaque and turned back.[5]


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