“He's smart, you know; he's modified the survival bags to give himself a lot of flexibility.”
   — Frank Wood on the crustacean prince

The crustacean prince is a sand-whaler, a sapient species of the Long Mars that can be found on Gap Mars East 1,500,000, Plus Change.[1]

The Long Mars

In 2045, while exploring the Long Mars, Willis Linsay, his daughter Sally and Frank Wood discovered the Mars the sand-whalers live in, around one and a half million steps East of Gap Mars.

There, they also discovered five black monoliths with inscriptions on them. Quickly, they realized they couldn't get close to it because of some sort of invisible force field but that the sand-whalers could do it just fine.

Willis, embarked on Woden, approached a party of sand-whalers and showed them how to step on the Long Mars using a stepper box and survival bubbles in exchange of a close cam-recording of the monoliths.

One of the sand-whalers, assumed to be the leader, rapidly grasped the use of the stepper box and started to step around and humiliate a particular member of his party, this later dubbed the crustacean prince by Frank Wood.[1]

After the human trio's departure, the crustacean prince, furious, grabbed all the survival bubbles he could carry and followed them all the way to Mars East 3,000,000 of Gap, Plus Change. There, while Willis and Sally were exploring the base of the beanstalk, he smashed Woden to pieces.

Frank and Sally theorized that the humilitation the prince suffered made him made and that he came for revenge.

While the prince was getting ready to charge again, Willis took Thor to the sky to protect it while Frank and Sally tried to divert the prince's attention. They ended up splitting in two different directions and Willis, still in the glider, decided to come pick up one of them.

At first hesitant, Willis finally decided to head in Sally's direction to pick her up. It's from the air that they saw the prince catch up with Frank and kill him.

Willis and Sally then left this Mars behind to head back to Gap Mars.[2]


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