“Mom, it's not just theorizing. I've been through it myself, the arguments. I think they're right about what's about to become of this world. The Cauterizing might work.”
   — Stan Berg on Earth West 1,217,756's fate

The Cauterizing refers to the removal of Earth West 1,217,756 from the Long Earth chain of worlds in January 2059.[1][2][3]

The Long Utopia

In January 2059, Earth West 1,217,756 was facing destruction after the silver beetles's action.[1]

Fearing that the silver beetles would replicate themselves with the remains of the planet and spread all over the Long Earth, it was decided to remove Earth West 1,217,756 completely from the Long Earth chain.[4]

The Next, who were summoned to help by Lobsang, provided the theories and the maths behind the idea. The world needed to be shut from inside so Stan Berg, Sally Linsay and Lobsang stayed behind to make sure the job was done.[2]

They succeeded on removing Earth West 1,217,756 from the Long Earth chain and stayed until the end, except for Lobsang who transferred his consciousness in a satellite left by the USS Brian Cowley.[3][5][6]


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