The Brick Moon was an artificial satellite space station where the Earth should have been in the West Gap universe.[1] It was made out of pre-fabricated sections of brick and concrete using troll labour. The Galileo was launched from it.

It is described as the Houston of the Gap, with its constant comms presence for space-travellers and a place where some zero gravity research can be done.[2]


The station is described as a cluster of spheres, the whole about two hundred feet across, with each component being lettered A to K.[2]

The Long War

In 2040, the Brick Moon is still under construction. It was mentioned by Frank Wood to Monica Jansson when she was visiting the GapSpace facility with Sally Linsay.[1]

The Long Mars

In 2045, Willis Linsay, Sally Linsay and Frank Wood stayed a few hours on the Brick Moon before boarding the Galileo to reach the Gap Mars.[2]


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