Sutter West 5 is the Earth West 5 footprint of Datum Sutter, California, where a gold rush took place in the 1800s. Datum Sutter is also the location of the Sutter's Mill reconstruction.[1]

The Long Earth

Soon after Step DayJim Russo came to Datum Sutter and visited the Sutter's Mill reconstruction. His plan was to find and excavate the Sutter gold in a Low Earth.

Jim stepped into Sutter West 1 before going on further to this footprint. Here, he decided, was far enough away from Datum Earth to start looking for gold.

Then a group of men and women stepped into existence around him. They mocked him, telling him that he wasn't the first to have the idea of looking for gold in the Low versions of Sutter, and that gold was going to be rapidly devaluated since almost everybody can have easy access to it.

Laughing, the group stepped away leaving Jim behind.[1]


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