Stella Welch was a Next living at the Grange.[1]


Being from the pre-emergence generation, Stella was described as being in her fifties.[1]

To Joshua Valienté, she looked brisk, sturdy and competent looking.[2]

The Long Utopia

Life as a relationship counsellor

Stella used to work as a relationship counsellor in the Datum since she was kicked out of Stanford where she was studying mathematics because the system couldn't cope with her.[1]

Before she was found by the Next, she was working on her ideas in private, on scraps of paper.

One of the brightest of her generation, at the Grange she became one of the leading thinkers on cosmological evolution.

Earth West 1,217,756 and the silver beetles

In 2058, Lobsang, who was living in Earth West 1,217,756 at the time under his identity of George Abrahams, discovered that an extraterrestrial race named the silver beetles by the kid who discovered them was increasing the rotational speed of this world by building a giant Dyson motor.[3]

Facing the risk that the silver beetles would spread to the other Earths, Lobsang came up with a plan but needed the Next's help for it.[4]

When the Next became aware of the issue, Stella and Marvin Lovelace travelled all the way to Earth West 1,217,756 to lend a hand.[2]

The Cauterizing

On January 2059, they boarded the USS Brian Cowley and took a tour of the world, the day now reduced to twelve hours, and witnessed the progressive destruction of the local lifeforms as they couldn't cope with the shorter days.

When the reached the footprint of New York, the militaries explained that weapons and nukes didn't work on the beetles and there was no way to stop them.[5]

Stella took this opportunity to step up and told the assembly that this world was doomed and that the only way to save the other worlds from meeting the same fate was to shut this one from the inside but at a cost.

Marvin, surprised, frowned and asked if she was thinking about Stan Berg, a young Next living in Miami West 4. Stella replied that he was the strongest of all of them since he could use the soft places just after seeing the other Next do it.

The operation called the Cauterizing by the militaries was a success and Earth West 1,217,756 was successfully removed from the Long Earth chain at the price of Stan Berg and Sally Linsay's lives.[6]


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