Sister John, born Sarah Ann Coates, was a resident of the Home and is now running it.[1][2][3]

The Long Earth

in 2015, around the same age as Joshua Valienté, Sarah was a resident of the Home and was one of the kids Joshua helped to get home on Step Day.[1]

The Long War

Twenty-five years after Step Day, now grown up, Sarah went back to the Home and took the name of Sister John. She is seen at Lobsang's garden party where she was tasked of taking care of a ill Monica Jansson.[2]

The Long Mars

In May 2041, she is now running the Home. We see her with Joshua Valienté at the Home, now in Madison West 5 after the Madison bombing in 2030, watching President Cowley inaugurate the new Capitol on TV.[3]

The Long Utopia

In fall 2045, she greeted Joshua and Sally at the Home when they came to visit Lobsang.[4] It was the day Lobsang died.


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