Sister Georgina was a nun of the Home.[1]

She studied at Cambridge in England and often read Keats, Wordsworth and Ralph Waldo Emerson to Joshua Valienté when he was a kid.[1]

When, one time, she had found that Joshua had written notes about how to survive in the wilderness on the Home's copy of Robinson Crusoe, she'd punished him by making him peal potatoes.[2]

The Long Mars

In 2032, not long after Sister Serendipity's funeral, Sister Georgina was standing in the graveyard outside the Home in Madison West 5 with Joshua Valienté when they ran into Tom Wagoner and his son, Paul Spencer Wagoner.[3] After discussing with them about the issues Paul is having because he is different and Tom's family problems, she offered them all the support the Home could give.

She was seen again in spring 2045, now an old lady, when Joshua came to visit Paul, then aged nineteen and living at the Home.[4]


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