“I was beaten, stripped, robbed of all I had, in the first hours. I fought back, oh, I fought back, but I was alone.”
   — Simon

Simon was a runaway slave.[1]


Simon had an ugly looking scar on one cheek.[1]

The Long Utopia

Simon and his grandfather Abel were runaway slaves.[1] They escaped from New Orleans with the help of the Underground Rail Road and Oswald Hackett who brought them stepwise.

In August 2052, Oswald came back with Luis Valienté and Fraser Burdon, where Abel and Simon were waiting for them, to take the two runaways aboard the River Goddess to Memphis where they will change again and again until they reach the free states.

Luis and Fraser were surprised at Simon's well spoken and refined accent. When Fraser tried to enquire further, Simon told him that he got befriended by Alexander, the master's son, when he was four and living in a plantation in the wilds of Louisiana.

Simon was brought into the house as a companion since he had a calming effect on the restless Alexander. It didn't take long before Simon started to imitate the masters' speech. He was dressed up and encouraged by the masters and soon also became a study companion for Alexander.

Simon was a happy child despite the fact that his little brothers and sisters were sold by this master. As time passed, he was given work around the house.

All this ended when Alexander was sent to a college in New York when he was eighteen. Simon was cast down among the field hands and was beaten, stripped and robbed in the first hours.

The master, seeing Simon has a troublemaker rather than a victim, decided to sell him. It was at that moment that Simon decided to run away.


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