The Shillelagh is a twain owned by the Black Corporation.[1]

Originally used as a scout to accompany the convoys for Valhalla, it had no name and only a registration number until Bill Chambers gave it its current name.


It is described as having a transluscent solar-capture envelope a couple of hundred feet long and a gondola the size of a truck trailer.[1]

The Long War

It was aboard this airship that Joshua Valienté and Bill went to search for Sally Linsay and the trolls during the events of The Long War.[1]

The Long Utopia

In 2057, when Lobsang and Agnes, now living in New Springfield under their aliases of George and Agnes Abrahams with their son Ben, became aware of the silver beetles and the changes happening to their world, Lobsang requested a twain and Joshua.[2]

Joshua showed up with the Shillelagh and the old travelling companions toured Earth West 1,217,756 to see the extent of the silver beetles's alterations to the world.[3][4]


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