“Information on the Long Earth is the stock in trade of transEarth, Mr Valienté
   — Selena Jones

Selena Jones worked for the transEarth Institute.[1] She's the one who introduced Joshua Valienté to Lobsang.

She was also Lobsang's legal guardian.


Selena was described by Joshua as "certainly attractive".[1]

In December 2045, she was around her forties and still attractive according to Agnes.[2]

The Long Earth

In December 2030, she's the one who set up Joshua's first meeting with Lobsang (speaking to him through a soda vending machine).
After a brief discussion about Joshua's past, Step Day, the origin of Lobsang and what they wanted from him, she led Joshua to meet Lobsang in person. She wasn't able to go with Joshua all the way because she only has a security clearance of five despite the fact that she's been working for the transEarth Institute since the start.[3]

The Long War

In June 2040, with the trolls gone, when Lobsang summoned Joshua Valienté, who hasn't spoken with Lobsang for years, for a face to face meeting, Selena waged with Hiroe, another transEarth employee, that Joshua would not come.[4]

The Long Utopia

She was present at Lobsang's funeral on December 2045 and cried all morning.[2]


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