Sand-whales are inhabitants of the Long Mars that can be found on Gap Mars East 40,000 Plus Change.

They live in packs, and share their world with sand-crustaceans the size of trucks, that prey on their young.[1]


Sand-whales are described as having huge tubular bodies coated with glistening chitinous plates, the size of a nuclear submarines, with a dozen pairs of flippers that allows them to glide through the dust.

Like the Datum Earth whales, they have a gaping mouth that allows them to filter the dust for something like a marine biota, to feed themselves.[1]

They have a simmilar anatomy (the same amount of limbs) to the land-dragons from Gap Mars East 1,500,000 Plus Change. This is probably because they're both decended from a common root.[2]

The Long Mars

They were discovered in 2045 during Willis Linsay's exploration of the Long Mars with Sally Linsay and Frank Wood.[1]


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