“You just encountered those creatures. And yet within a few hours you've given them their own Step Day.”
   — Frank Wood on Willis Linsay trading Steppers to the sand-whalers

Sand Whalers were sapient crustacean-like creatures, native to Gap Mars East 1,500,000, Plus Change. They rode on sail-driven sand-yachts, rudimentary vehicles made of wood and bones of the creatures they killed, when they hunted the huge land-dragons, just like the whalers from the nineteenth century, hence their name. They used spears, bows and harpoons.[1]


They are described as insect-like creatures with armored bodies and multiple long manipulating limbs. They were taller than humans, around six-foot tall.[1]

The Long Mars

They were first encountered by Willis Linsay, Sally Linsay and Frank Wood in 2045 during their exploration of the Long Mars.


Rendition of the monoliths by DSonla.

On the sand-whaler's world, the humans discovered five monoliths that had inscriptions on them. They couldn't get close enough get a look at them, because of some sort of invisible force field that gave them an unbearable headache when tried to get close. The sand-whalers, however, could go near the rocks, and so Willis got them to photograph them for him, in exchange for the knowledge of how to make and use Stepper boxes.[1]


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