“It's all up for me. I can't step. That's why I came here. It seemed right.”
   — Rod Green

Rod Green (born in 2012) is the son of Jack and Tilda Green.[1] Being a phobic, he was left behind when his family left to found Reboot.


Nothing is known about his appearance except that he looks younger than his age and has his mother's strawberry-blond hair.[2]

The Long Earth

When the Greens decided to leave Madison West 5 to settle down in the Corn Belt in Earth West 101,754, they left young Rod, aged thirteen at that time, to stay with his mother's sister, Aunt Meryl.[2]

In the following years, he received letters from his family but never replied to any of them.[3]

A few years after that, in 2030, his anger led him to join the Humanity First movement and he took part in the Madison bombing.[4][5] Unknown to him at that time, that his mother, the one who decided to leave him, has died of a cancer.

The Long War

Ten years after the Madison bombing, Rod is still held in prison because of his involvement.[6]

The Long Utopia

Rod, having spent a life in custodial institutions, died of an infection he got in a hospital in Datum Madison.[7]


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