“Once again young Americans are going out into the wild, to places where the streetlights do not shine, where there isn't a cop at the other end of a cellphone connection.”
   — Reese Henry

Reese Henry is a former used-car salesman, and a founder and the equivalent of the mayor of Reboot.[1][2]


He possess a spectacular mane of grey-blond hair.[1]

The Long Earth

During their trek West, the Greens ran into Reese in Richmond West 10, at the Prairie Marble Inn where he was giving a speech about the need for rotas and the hardships ahead.[1]

The Long War

The Letter

In 2028, when the residents of Reboot received the Letter from the Datum government saying that their assets were frozen and impounded, they organized a meeting at the 'city hall', which consisted at that time of a communal field cleared of forest and rocks.[2]

Reese chaired the meeting and the town decided to make an inventory of all the things they imported from the Datum to have an idea of how long it will last them. Some mentioned of going back and some, like Jack Green, argued to stay and not let this community they built fall apart. In the end, the meeting broke up without resolution.

'Mayor Henry'

When Katie Green and Harry Bergreen decided to get married, Reese was the one who formalized the wedding, being the nearest thing to a figure of authority in Reboot.


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