Reboot is a colony located on Earth West 101,754 on a stepwise version of New England, founded in 2026.

The Long Earth

The founders of Reboot, almost all originally from Datum Earth, arrived in 2026 after a long trek across the Long Earth.

On the first summer, the founders lived like hunter-gatherers, still living in lean-tos, tepees, benders and big square communal houses.

A year after, they had a working sawmill, a pottery kiln, a lime kiln, a soap kettle and a forge built by Franklin Tallyman, the town's blacksmith.

The Long War

In 2040, fourteen years after its foundation, Reboot now has a schoolhouse, a general store and the sawmill even got a steam engine.[1]

In May 2040, the USS Benjamin Franklin had an assignment located in Reboot. A small group from the twain, led by Executive Officer Nathan Boss went down into the town, with the job of reminding the inhabitants that they were still under the US Aegis.[1]

Unfortunately for them, their equipment was dropped on Earth West 101,752 and none of them had a Stepper. Lost in the forest, they encountered Bill Lovell who led them back to town and to Jack Green's house.


Most of the residents of Reboot having their savings impounded in 2028, they use a currency called "favours" which are based on service and barter and promissory notes.[2]


2026 - When Reboot was founded, 117 people lived in the colony. The first child born in Reboot was the child of Cindy Wells.

2040 - By 2040, Reboot had been inhabited by 1465 citizens.[1]


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