This is the way we've learned to tackle you Waltzers. Hit you with overwhelming force before you've got time to think about it, before you've time to slip away to whichever corner of hell you godless creatures visit when you're not here.”
   — Radcliffe

Radcliffe was the assisant of the Prince Albert and then worked for Queen Victoria.[1][2]


In 1848, Radcliffe was described as stern and sharp-looking.[1]

In 1871, Radcliffe had a greying at the temples, a slight stoop in his posture and a thin moustache.[2]

The Long Utopia

In April 1848, Radcliffe was at Windsor Castle on the night that the Knights of Discorporea were approved by Prince Albert in an underground vault under the castle.[1]

He didn't make any effort to hide his disdain for them but didn't deny their utility.

In 1871, after sending Luis Valienté, Oswald Hackett and Fraser Burdon to Berlin to spy on government buildings, he invited the trio to Windsor Castle.[2]

He asked the Knights of Discorporea to give him their reports and was insisting for them to go to the archive downstairs, where they first met in 1848, but Fraser Burdon, suspiscious, refused.

After hearing their reports, he insisted again to go to the archive, saying that the Prime Minister was waiting for them there, but they refused again. Seeing that his plan has failed, Radcliffe gave the order to knock out the guests. They were taken by surprise and were finally brought to the archive where they were tied to chairs with iron shackles.

When the Waltzers woke up, Radcliffe admitted that they have been conducting various experiments on Waltzers and that the Queen wanted them extinct.

Unfortunately for him, despite being in a cellar, they managed to step away for Fraser had dug a mine on the adjacent world exactly where the vault was.

Fraser took a few paces, stepped back to the Datum to kill Radcliffe before disappearing again.


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