“Parley buffon say?”
   — Percy Blakeney

Private Percy "Pimple" Blakeney fought during World War I in the British army, in a Kent Regiment.[1][2] Being a Natural Stepper, he stepped without knowing it during the opening bombardment of the battle of Vimy Ridge and ended up in stepwise Earth where he encountered trolls.

The Long Earth

Having never been outside his country before shipping to fight, he thought the trolls to be Russians because of their bear-like ressemblance and a copy of Punch magazine depicting Russians looking like bears.[3]

He lived with them for almost fifty years and taught them all the songs he knew and the usage of fire.

After making the trolls understand he wanted to go home, they brought him back to Datum Earth where he landed in the middle of a field in France in the 1960s and was run over by a tractor.[2] He was brought to a hospital by the farmer who ws driving the tractor and died of his wounds.

His tale is told in the December 1970 issue of the Fortean Times. And that was how Lobsang knew about the existence of the trolls.

The Long Utopia

It is revealed in The Long Utopia that Percy comes from a family that possess a high probability to give birth to natural steppers since the name Blakeney appeared in Oswald Hackett's list of family names submitted to the Fund.


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