The Pennsylvania was a twain that was traveling along the Long Mississippi. It had a cargo of mainly wheat from the Corn Belt, and was taking it towards the Datum.[1]

The Long War

It crashed when it tried to pass through Earth West 80,000 Plus Change, during the events of The Long War. There was a dust storm in this world, and because of the sudden expansion caused by the Earth's hot air, one of it's helium sacs burst.

The first twain to find the wreck was the Gold Dust. It dropped anchor and got an improvised elevator working, so that people could go down to the ground, and then back up. The survivors where rescued by crewmembers and volunteers from amoung the passangers, including Joshua Valienté and Sally Linsay. Joshua got himself trapped, while he was trying to rescue a stranded passenger. He was lifted out by a cable around his ankle.[1]


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