Operation Prodigal Son is the name of the first significant USLONGCOM mission since its foundation around 2040, given to the USS Shenandoah, the USS Los Angeles, the USS Akron, the USS Macon, the USS Abraham Lincoln and the USS Benjamin Franklin.[1]

To the public, the mission is about maintaining the integrity of the United States Aegis, log and record every stepwise world and Joker encountered, and take samples of life forms and find sapience.

But the true reason behind the mission is to find and locate all the colonies across the US footprint and discover all those that haven't registered with any Datum authorities yet.

The operation was launched on April 2040 from Richmond, Virginia, Datum Earth.


Rendition of the Operation Prodigal Son emblem by DSonla.

The emblem of Operation Prodigal Son is described as an astronaut-type shield showing a dirigible hovering over a stylized chain of worlds.[2]


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