“Sir - Captain Boss - let me tell you this. This isn't a "rock". Or a "center". This is our home. And when I ask you what you're going to do about it, I don't want to hear you say we need to run and hide.”
   — Oliver Irwin

Oliver Irwin was a resident of New Springfield on Earth West 1,217,756.[1]

The Long Utopia

The Abrahamses

In 2054, Marina introduced herself to Agnes Abrahams, who arrived at New Springfield a few days earlier with her husband George and their son Ben, and invited her to an Easter Egg hunt on the day after tomorrow.[2][1]

The day of the hunt, on this late summer, Oliver woke up at dawn with Marina and Nikos and met up with the Abrahamses outside the twain gondola they used as a temporary home.[3] Together they stepped East to Earth West 1,217,755 where they hunted furballs and stole a big bird's egg from its nest.

The USS Brian Cowley

Years after the arrival of the Abrahamses, the Navy sent the USS Brian Cowley over to investigate the shortening of the days happening on Earth West 1,217,756 and the silver beetles.[4] A community meeting was held outside the Irwins' principal residence that day and the Navy declared that they didn't know yet what was happening. To everyone's surprise, George stood up and told the militaries that he knew what the silver beetles were building.

Around January 2059, day now reduced to twelve hours, Nathan Boss, captain of the Cowley, decided to get a group of selected individuals aboard his ship to take them on a world tour and show them the extent of the beetles's actions.[5] Marina and Oliver were among the selected, as representatives of the local community, along with Joshua Valienté, George and Agnes Abrahams, who proved to be androids, and two Next.

The Irwins quickly realized that their world was dying or burning due to the beetles's Dyson motor. When the Navy told them that nukes couldn't even stop them, they realized that their home was doomed and nothing could be done about it. Stella Welch, one of the Next told everyone that the risk that the beetles spread on the other Earths was real and that this world had to be sealed off from the inside.[6]

The Cauterizing

When Earth West 1,217,756 was finally sealed off, the Irwins were already gone, trying to find another Earth to settle down.[7]


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