New Springfield was a town located on Earth West 1,217,756, in a stepwise version of Maine, situated on a low hill.

The town was founded in 2035, by a party of people who treked across the Long Earth, including Jeb and Cassie Poulson.[1]

The forests around the town were made up of mostly evergreen trees, some of which are varients of those on the Datum Earth, such as Laurel, Walnut, Dogwood and dwarf sequoia. They also had climbers such as honeysuckle, strangler figs and some grape vines.

Animals which the locals called "Furballs" lived in the forests, as well as the "big birds", crocodiles, and mosquitoes and other insects.[1]

Most people in the town didn't farm, as it wasn't necessary, apart from potatoes (for stepper boxes) and sheep.

They did not use clocks, so they were unable to know exactly what the time was.

The Long Utopia

It was the town that Lobsang (George Abrahams), Sister Agnes (Agnes Abrahams) and Ben settled in.


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