New Scarsdale is a town located on Earth West 101,752 and is the seat of New Scarsdale County.[1]

New Scarsdale was one of the rebel colonies that backed the Footprint Congress at Valhalla, where they composed their Declaration of Independance in 2040.[2]

One of the USS Benjamin Franklin's assignments was located in the town of Reboot, on Earth West 101,754. A small group from the twain went down and were going to have their provisions dropped down nearby them. Due to an accident, the provisions were dropped into the wrong town - New Scarsdale.[1]

Around 2030, a framework for maintaining law and order emerged, based on some kind of court shared with neighboring towns, such as Reboot.[3]

The mayor of New Scarsdale was usually able to get new pioneers to not settle too close to other settlements in it's vicinity.[3]


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