New Purity is town located on Earth West 1,300,000, Plus Change, about a hundred thousand steps East from Valhalla.[1]

This community has been built by the Uncut Brethren, a religious community who follows a mix of teachings of various figures including Jesus, the Buddha and Confucius.

The Long War

The community got attacked by elves and started to open fire to defend themselves. Unfortunately, a band of trolls was caught in the crossfire and got slaughtered along the elves.[1]

The USS Benjamin Franklin was called to New Purity. After hearnig the story from a grieving Brother Geoffrey, Maggie Kauffman taught them, with the help of Jake, the difference between elves and trolls and the usefulness of trolls for manual labors or in case of Elves attacks.

The residents of New Purity then gave a decent burial to the deceased trolls, next to their own dead.


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