Meryl was a resident of Bozeman, Montana and is an extreme phobic.[1]


She is described as being in her eighties and looking frail.

The Long Mars

After the Yellowstone eruption, Joshua Valienté and Sally Linsay volunteered to help evacuate people from the Datum.

On September 15th 2040, they went to fetch the Brewers, that were missing, and found them in their home, still alive, with wet towels spread on their face to keep them from breathing ashes. They survived that long thanks to a 'sensible young lady' in pioneer gear, who Joshua suspected later to be Roberta Golding, who gave them survival advices.

Because she is an extreme phobic, she had to be carried by Sally via soft places to New York East 3 in order to get her phobic drugs so she wouldn't react badly to the stepping.


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