Maria Valienté (born in 1987) was a natural Stepper and the mother of Joshua Valienté. She lived in the Home in Madison.[1][2][3]

She received a letter from the Fund when she was 14, at about the same time as Freddie Burdon (aged 17) got his. The letters contained the other’s name and address, as well as money and the promise of more if they met one another, got to know each other, married, and had a child.[3]

Freddie traveled to Madison to meet Maria. However, when he arrived he discovered that she had run away from the Home, because of the pressure the letter had presented her with and because she was unhappy there. He was able to track her down, and they went out twice. One summer night in 2001 they got drunk, and Maria became pregnant.[3]

Freddie ran away, and Maria went back to living at the Home.[3]

Eventually Sister Stephanie - one of the nuns there - found out that she was pregnant. She was very angry, and took away the only thing Maria had from her mother - a monkey bracelet - saying that it was a sinful token.[1][2]

Her life was one of daily penance.[2]

The Long Earth

When the labour pains began on the 1st of May 2002, she tried to flee the Home. She panicked and stepped, meaning that her baby was born on a parallel Earth.[1][2]

After she'd given birth, she heard an animal roar in the distance. Out of fear, she accidentally stepped back to Datum Earth, leaving the baby alone on the world, with only "the Silence" of the universe.[1]

Maria emerged on the road outside the Home, where one of the nuns from the Home - Sister Agnes - caught up with her, and tried to calm her down. But Maria, realising what she'd done, stepped away again.[2]

She picked the baby up and told him that his name was Joshua Valienté, before returning to the Datum and handing him to an astonished Sister Agnes.[1][2]

She died of post-partum hemorrhaging shortly after.[2][3]

The Long Utopia

It is revealed in The Long Utopia that Maria comes from a family that possess a high probability to give birth to natural Steppers since the name Valienté appeared in Oswald Hackett's list of family names submitted to the Fund.[4]


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