Madison West 11 is a low earth footprint. The town that was located here was founded in 2047, and was charcteristic of the migration out of Datum Earth, that happened the year before.[1]

The Long War

It was the location of a transEarth institute facility that Lobsang had turned into a reserve for studying trolls.

It was here that Lobsang and Agnes set up a summer house for Monica Jansson, and - on September 8, 2040, just before the Yellowstone eruption - hosted a garden party, which many of the characters from the series attended.[2]

The Long Utopia

Joshua Valienté and Nelson Azikiwe walked through the town on Joshua's birthday, in 2052.

By then there was a substantial community here, with a haze of wood smoke above it and electric lights in some windows. The buildings were mainly shacks put together from scraps imported from the Datum, such as plasterboards, roofing felt and plastic drainpipes. Some had oil lanterns outside them, and farmland, with potato crops, chickens and goats. There was a town sign next to a dirt track.

Joshua and Nelson saw a person riding a golf buggy with a solar cell blanket draped over the roof.[1]


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